Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sairat(2016), first ever Marathi Movie Premier on YuppTV

sairat online
The internet Premiere of Sairat on YuppTV made it possible for the expats to watch the most awaited movie hassle-free on their homes.It also marks as first ever Marathi movie Premier on YuppTV.Finally everyone can get the chance to watch this blockbuster movie online on YuppTV, the acclaimed number one live TV channel with all South Asian content.

Sairat, also known as wild in English is a small budget regional language movie featuring Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar, directed by Nagraj Manjule. Its release date was in the 28th April 2016, who would have thought the Marathi movie would break all the records and will get a mass preference to watch the movie.Being a rural love story, we obviously know the cliché behind it? But that is just the top layer; of course there is the main story line that builds up the whole movie.

This movie is about Prashant, the cricket team captain and Aarchi who bring out an air of beauty and confidence. It seems the girl is out of reach to the college boy, because she is at the high-class level due to her parent's richness and novelty. Parshya is from a poor background but is hardworking with good academic records and also has made a name for himself in the cricket team.

This movie is about how love conquers all, and how the rich and poor mix. One can go through greater depths when it comes to love, with a bit of highs and lows. This duo has created a story which demonstrates what could actually happen in reality. For instance in the movie, there is rape plot, whereby Aarchi’s father files a fake complaint against Prashant and his friends, accusing them of gang rape on his daughter. There is also an instance where Aarchi was almost raped, but a lady from the nearby slums comes to her rescue.This situations really makes us think about the recent crimes occured on different parts of the country.Lastly the super hit Zinghat which made the country dance to the tunes is simply superb to listen.

It would not be fair to you, if we continue giving out spoilers of the movie. The most preferable option will be to watch Sairat on YuppFlix. You will definitely find it thrilling, exciting and captivating.