Friday, August 5, 2016

Watch New Web Series Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender on YuppTV Bazaar

Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender is a reality show that airs digitally and focuses on volatile gender issues. The show revolves around the concept of gender based switch “vaguely” on line and reveals the issues that weathers on the complex and fragile subject all over the world. In order to showcase the gender dilemma realistically, the series demonstrates 6 people, 3 girls and 3 men, who switch their roles i.e. women act like men and men acts like women.
The colorful characters on the series, play their part commendably and reflect the issues faced more realistically rather than notoriously which is mostly the case of almost all the reality shows all over the globe.!/nw/Arre/Arre-Ho-Ja-Re-Gender/GLHsfML#10874
As the show’s tag line says that the contestants are re-gendered in order to live the life of the opposite sex, as a part of not only behavior & mannerism, the contestants are groomed as per the specific gender outlook demands. As seen in season one series that has two episodes aired so far, the girls and the boys are groomed in different ways which includes performing specific beauty or cosmetic transformations. Specialized grooming teams enter the house and then the trick of switch from stage one begins. Since the whole essence of the show says “reality”, some of the contestants take up the challenge in a sporty approach manner while others are seen being affected dramatically by the transformation.

That was not all, after the transformations are complete, the prime play of switched king and queens begins as the housemates are seen behaving in the set pattern as dictated by the show. Abuses, moralistic attacks, verbal fights, unnecessary arguments, dragged subjects and cold war can be the most of the things to expect from the digitally aired web series. Enjoy watching the web series on YuppTV Bazaar and make your weekend interesting.