Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Watch Cult Blockbuster Baby Telugu Film On YuppTV

The recent Telugu blockbuster film Baby has created so much buzz upon its release for its raw and rustic storytelling. If you missed it or like to watch it again, Telugu's popular TV channel ETV is getting ready to bring it on September 24. Baby became a cult blockbuster and is received well by film lovers. The film forces you to relate with its flawed and fluctuating characters of a strained reality that creates havoc in their lives. Behind the dark uneasiness is the struggle for survival and redemption. Watch Baby on ETV through YuppTV and go on an intense emotional roller coaster ride. 

What makes an ordinary story like Baby extraordinary is how it makes a lasting impression and engages us emotionally. We empathize with the characters that remind us of the harsh truth of human vulnerability and societal implications. The story revolves around the lives of Anand, Vaishnavi, and Viraj. While Vaishnavi is in deep love with Anand, it takes some time for him to reciprocate. While the love between the two is constantly growing, Viraj's entry into Vaishnavi's life creates a rift and changes their lives forever. It might look like a regular triangle love story, but it touches our heartstrings with its narration and nudge to feel for each character. The chaos in Anand's life, Vaishnavi's internal struggle to transform from a basthi girl to an ultra-modern engineering student, and Viraj's indecisiveness are well reflected in the film. While many people lauded the movie for mirroring society, it has created extreme discomfort for a few. 

Director Sai Razesh brings a brave and bold story that deep dive into the tragedy of errors and human emotions. The music by Vijay Bulganin is the highlight of the film. Anand Deverakonda displayed a terrific performance, especially in the emotional scenes. Despite a complicated role, Vaishnavi pulled it off the length. As an eccentric and unpredictable girl, she portrayed her character well. Viraj is perfect in his role.

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