Friday, January 22, 2016

B4U channels Are Now Available in Canada

yupptv canada

When a person in foreign land it is very frustrating for him as he have no friends or fellow countrymen to speak to him or share his thoughts and ideas. But if you are

an Indian National living in India here comes great news for you. YuppTV introduces Hindi TV packages,live Hindi TV for first time for Indians living in Canada.

YuppTV provides services through Internet and media also. The channel is providing services for many years in Canada and makes Various Indian Channels available in

Canada to all Indians living in Canada.

B4U movie channel showcases all time hit movies .The channel plays Hindi movies throughout day and all seven days of the week. The channel broadcasts all the old hit

movies as well as it shows new and recent releases also. B4U music is a music channel which plays all type of Hindi songs throughout the day. Generally it
plays the songs of recently released movie. Sometime it plays songs & Ghazal sung by renowned singers.So anyone who is Ghazal lover this channel is pure bliss for him.

YuppTV provides two types of package for its customers for watching live streaming Hindi TV Channels.
1. YuppTV Hindi Sliver CAD- cost CAD 99.99/per year
2. YuppTV Hindi Gold CAD- Cost CAD 149.99/per year

The B4U movies and B4U music channel are available in both the packages. If you are a Hindi movie freak person it would be economical to take second package as it play many Hindi movie channels. Go and avail the offer given by YuppTV to all the Indians living in Canada.