Monday, April 25, 2016

Latest movies in YuppFlix library

Your movie watching experience is set to be more enthralling, captivating and amazing. Latest movies have been added to the Yuppflix library. This comes as good news to movie enthusiasts who have been waiting for long to view quality movies and latest action on their screens. The package seeks to offers them some of these classy and highly managed movies with the best features and theme. The movies are educational, informative and entertaining in nature. We take this chance to inform all out views about some of the latest quality movies with the best plots.
Latest Tamil Movies
Kadhalam Kadhanthu Pogum:
Kadhalam Kadhanthu Pogum is a 2016 Tamil language movie. It simply means Love Too Shall Be Surpassed. As a romantic comedy movie, it has so far received positive remarks from critics. It is a Box Office hit that is set to enthral more film fans.
Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule:
This is one of the latest movies with a perfect plot. The 123 minutes’ movie has the best of Déjà Vu that you will want to view on big screen. It resolves around love and patience. This is the latest movie to be added at YuppFlix that has more heart touching storyline that will definitely enthrall you. 
Adida Melam:
Adida Melam is an upcoming quality Indian Tamil Romantic comedy movie that is directed by Anbu Stalin. The movie features Nischala Krishnana a newcomer in the big screen. It has a hard time making it to the big stage due to some slight changes. It was to be referred to as Mela Thaalam, but was later changed to Adida Melam.
Directed by Manimaran, this movie features the story of a young man who also influences others to overcome corrupt politicians who are trying hard to use the necessary measures to make it in the political arena.  It was released March 16th and now it has been added to this package so that viewers are able to enjoy its perfect storyline.
Vidayuthamwas released March 2016. It is a high quality Tamil film that was directed by Nagamaneci. It is an interesting movie that unfolds us though the journey of self-realization when two actors meet each other.
Mapla Singam:
Mapla Singam is one of the latest Tamil action romance comedy movies. It was directed by Rajasekhar. As a highly produced movie, it has since received a lot of positive remarks. It features Vimal and Anjali acting in the leading roles, while Sori play a supporting role.