Thursday, May 26, 2016

Popular Award Winning Movie Premam now on YuppFlix

Premam on YuppFlix

If you are a big fan of Malayalam movies, you will definitely be going to love Premam. Immediately after its release on 29th May 2015, it was able to receive lots of positive feedback from the fans. The main reason behind its success would have to be the humor, songs, quality of video, acting and the level of directing done on this movie.

The entire thing took a sum of $590,000 but the returns were a whopping $8.9million making it the best grossing Malayalam movie in that year. The film features a 16-year-old boy George (Nivin Pauly) who seeks to peruse the prettiest girl in the area Mary (Anupama Parameshwaran).

His chance is blown off the air later as he later learns that his long time crush is actually engaged to another George. George is able to fall in love later on with a lecturer (Malar) in the same college he studies. Their relationship gets serious that they even consider getting married. George’s bad luck in love strikes again when he learns that his girlfriend is involved in an accident that erases all her memory with him.

He later in falls for another girl Celine who apparently was Mary’s friend when they were still in high school. As bad luck would have it, he again learns that Celine is also engaged to some other guy. However, her fiancĂ© is a violent guy which prompts her to call off the engagement. She returns to George and they get married. One of the attendants in their wedding is Malar who could now remember everything but couldn’t tell a soul since George seemed happy.

The movie is like a package highlighting the daily struggles people go though in love. It features some romantic songs like Malare by Varma that had over a million views on you tube 14 hours after it was uploaded. If you have not yet watched it, you can head to YuppFlix and watch the entire drama there.