Monday, August 29, 2016

Watch Bramhotsavam on YuppTV


Popular Telugu movie Bramhotsavam starring the quintessential South Indian actor Mahesh Babu is currently streaming on YuppTV. The film, which also starred capable actresses like Kajal Agarwal, Samantha and Pranitha others was produced by produced by PVP Cinema and directed by Srikanth Addala. The movie was released 20th May, 2016. It was the biggest release of Mahesh Babu and his fans eagerly lapped it up as a simple and clean film.

The simple story starts with Satyaraj as the head and the controller of a joint family. But Rao Ramesh doesn’t like power that Satyaraj wields on the family, and decides to get his daughter Pranitha married to Mahesh Babu, Satyaraj’s son, so that he too can enjoy some of the power and authority. Unfortunately for Rao Ramesh, Mahesh Babu is already romantically inclined towards Kajal Agarwal and intends to marry her.
 When Rao Ramesh comes to know about Mahesh Babu’s affair with Kajal Agarwal, he confronts Satyaraj. One thing leads to another until the matter escalates to something shocking. The incidents lead to Mahesh Babu setting out to find his own roots. Samantha’s role in all this drama is quite interesting too. Mahesh Babu finally ends up reuniting his father and father’s six sisters.

While the plot is quite common in Telugu and other South Indian films, it is Srikanth Addala’s able direction which elevates Bramhotsavam to the stature of a super hit. None of the actor is wasted or miscast and he extracts quality work from all the actors. Mahesh Babu looks refreshingly mesmerizing in the film and woos the audiences with that charisma that is solely his own.

The music by Mickey J Meyer also does wonders for the movie and the songs are exceedingly well shot. All in all, each and every contributor to this movie, be it actor, technicians or the director himself, bring their best to the table! And the rest, as they say, is history!

Watch Bramhotsavam on YuppFlix with your family and friends for weekend enjoyment.