Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump Creates History By Winning The 45th US Presidential Elections

Republican Candidate Donald Trump created history today by winning the 45th US presidential election after a series of campaigns and debates. Trump's win is seen as a major setback for Hillary Clinton who has been his opponent in the US Election 2016 race. Donald Trump won all major states like Ohio, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and many other states of the U.S. The heavy promotions in the media along with big rallies in almost all states of America are the major reasons behind this shocking victory. People have already started celebrating the win and congratulations have started pouring in for the Trump family and party.
Image Courtesy :WSJ
Trump's win paves his way to the White House and he will be sworn in as President in the coming days. Donald plans to use the US Election 2016 results to make America great again according to his campaign slogan. Trump has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice president candidate. The major points of Trump's election campaign include controlling illegal immigration in America and various trade agreements which he plans to review during his presidential term. Donald Trump is also likely to create a boundary wall on the Mexico border to control immigrants. Another major announcement by the Trump team is creating employment opportunities for American citizens. This is one major reason behind his win as the US is reeling under unemployment for quite some time now. He plans to reduce outsourcing of jobs and offer those opportunities to his fellow countrymen. Trump is also set to review the gun laws of the country and improve defenses against terrorism to enhance national security.

This big win of Trump is being touted as the most controversial election wins in the history of the United States and only time will tell if Mr. Trump stays true on his claims as the President of the United States in the coming years. For more live news and updates click to YuppTV News