Monday, January 30, 2017

Naagin Ka Raaj: TV Channels Cash in On the Snake Women Theme

It was 80’s when Ichchadari Naagin, Nagin ka Badla, Nag Naagin used to be hot favourite topics of filmmakers. But it seems the theme lost it’s touch in movies but the addiction has gripped the small screen from two years. The first one, Naaginn which came in 2007 which had popular TV Diva Sayantani Ghosh in the lead was not so good at TRP charts but still it was popular.
Well let’s think why naagin theme always work? In Indian culture Hindus worship the snakes term them as Nag Devta, Devi etc. We have heard and believed in the Snake stories. This itself creates lot of curiosity among viewers.

Next every time people feel bore to watch same theme: Saas Bahu sagas, joint family problems. You need some thrills which will grip you to watch the next episode for sure. What’s best than a snake women revenge drama which keeps the interest tab high always. Directing a full-fledged show on snake women, Santram Verma, director of the popular serial Naagin , featuring Adaa Khan and Mouni Roy, says such innovations in themes of shows are much needed.

The most important reason is people are fascinated by the snake woman. And as per the stats 60-70% Indians still believe in the concept. There is some shows which also focuses on the humorous part of Naagin. In Sab TV Iccha Pyari Naagin which shows a comic love story of a snake girl.

So while Bollywood may be done with Naagins, on television such themes are currently on the top of charts. Not only in Hindi some regional channels like Gemini TV Telugu channel, Surya TV Malayalam Channel, Sun TV Tamil channel also showing the popular Nagin show or else making their own naagin theme shows. Lets see for how many days the Naagin-2 will top the TRP charts or the audience will be bored of the repetitive storyline or not. Till than enjoy watching Naagin season 2 on Colors TV live.