Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Modi Wave which Turned the face of the Assembly Election Results

Bharatiya Janata Party is a much talked about political party currently in the world media. Kept in parallel lines with Donald Trump, Narendra Modi - the Prime Minister of India is the most popular political figure of BJP. It is the inevitable truth for the observer of complex Indian politics that India is destined to be ruled and governed by ornery rulers.

BJP is known for the betterment of Indian economy and overall development of the nation being the other reason of their growing popularity. India is believed to be having a high on the Prime Minister calling it “Modi Wave” in fancy terms.


Recently, India’s assembly elections result of five states were declared. Catch India’s Assembly Elections Live Updates here: http://www.yupptv.com/election-results-2017.html

In Uttar Pradesh, it is the leading largest party. A sign of unanimity, BJP wins the election in U.P. with 300 seats. In Uttarakhand , BJP defeated Congress with 55 seats. Competition in Punjab between Congress and AAP was expected. But all turned out to be rumors as Congress defeated AAP with Captain Amarinder Singh as the lead candidate.

Goa and Manipur were seen having an inclination towards Congress.Indian National Congress was the single largest party to win in these states.But it still it failed to be get Bahumat to form government as the other small parties or individuals supported BJP to form goverment.In Goa, Congress urged the supreme court to intervene but led down by supreme court as it denied the stay on Manohar Parrikar's Swearing Ceremony as Goa CM. Mr. Manohar Parrikar has resigned from Defense Ministry and have taken oath as Goa CM today. But the Supreme Court ordered for floor test on March 16. The Repeat of same situation in Manipur also as the current CM Okram Ibobi Singh refuses to resign whereas BJP has already selected their CM, Biren Singh who will swear -in as Manipur CM tomorrow.

Congress leaders such as P. Chidambaram was seen praising Modi for being the most dominant leader in the history of Indian politics. Rahul Gandhi congratulated Modi for his massive success in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.Even Smriti Irani, another BJP leader said it was Modi who voters of Uttar Pradesh voted for. It is the Modi Wave that the candidates of UP and Uttarakhand elections credit the very stunning victory of BJP.

The faith Mr. Modi’s voters have placed in him would frighten anyone not as supremely self-confident as he is. Surrender on this scale can be both empowering and dis-empowering. It can nudge Mr. Modi, via the Chief Minister he appoints, towards speedy delivery of promises. But equally, any failure can breach the trust to devastating effect.