Monday, December 18, 2017

BJP Stands victorious in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

The much-awaiting result of the Gujarat and Himachal elections are here and we are surprised by the results.

Gujarat which has been the strongest area for the BJP and the state in which Congress has tried to establish its dominion but failed multiple times has raised the interest of the nation at the time of elections. The state is the home of the much-appreciated PM Narendra Modi and that made the elections a hot topic not just among the nation but among the Indians living in various nations.

The governing of BJP in the last five years has been a rocky ride with the failures of Demonetization, GST etc. It also has been the center of many accusations with its ridiculous bans like the Ban on Beef, Porn, Condom ads, and so on. There has also been a steady rise in community brawls over the last 5 years all over the nation and the list of people that have gotten killed because of cows has been long.

Though the party has won with a huge majority over the Indian national congress in the previous elections, due to the above-mentioned factors there have been some speculations that BJP might not achieve the same kind of victory in Gujarat this time which made the elections more interesting for everyone.

On the other hand, the Indian National Congress which has plenty to work with hasn’t been up to the mark in its campaigns against BJP. But the fact that Congress is putting up a worthy fight against the ruling party certainly shows the rise in the people who aren’t willing to put up with the policies that are ruining the nation, not just economically but culturally.

Though the BJP enjoyed a marginal victory in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, the analysis is that this is one of the first defeats the party is going to face in the upcoming general elections. The elections in the two states though have been won by the ruling party, provided a ray of hope to the Congress party and its candidates all over the country.

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