Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Watch the most thrilling game of Asia Cup: India vs Pakistan Live on YuppTV

Most of the audience who follow cricket religiously might or mightn’t follow all the matches their respective country plays but will surely watch any match between the arch-rivals India and Pakistan. India Pakistan cricket matches are the most watched matches in the world and the increased percentage of people living abroad from both the nations, have contributed to the increase in sales of matches regardless of which country they are organized in.

India and Pakistan don’t just share a reputation of excelling in cricket, but they also share a mutual hostility towards each other in and out of the game. This makes any game between both the countries wildly exciting, relentlessly serious, and emotionally determined towards winning which is what all the sports fans crave for in any match they watch. Be it the strained political history or the mutually existing abhorrence between the two nations the players though play on an amicable level, put in a superlative effort to attain a victory and make their respective nations proud.

Given the cricket history between the nations, neither of them is said to have an upper hand over the other. Though a majority of ODI and Test matches have been won by Pakistan, India had tasted victory in more ICC as well as Continental tournaments than Pakistan. During the past few years, India has constantly dominating Pakistan in cricket tournaments and one can expect this kind of performance in tomorrow’s match too.

The same can be a motivating factor for Pakistan which can make the team put in maximum effort and secure a win in the upcoming match. Regardless of who wins this callous fight, the match is predicted by the history to be an edge of the seat action.

When And Where To Watch : IND vs PAK Live

The India vs Pakistan match of Asia Cup 2018 will commence at 05:00 PM IST in UAE and will be available on all the major networks live. The match can be watched on YuppTV Live from Australia, New Zealand, and Continental Europe (excluding UK, Ireland) on any of the internet-enabled devices including Smartphones, Smart Televisions, Tablets, etc. through the YuppTV Website or App.