Thursday, November 29, 2018

Alarm - A Thrilling Cop Drama Available On YuppTV

Cop Dramas are a recent trend in web series and taking the initiative in the South, YuppTV had created first of its kind web series with the name Alarm. The series depicts the story of a dishonest cop in a quest that lands his life in danger. He is given 12 hours to change his destiny and crack a massive prostitution ring in Chennai.

With an exciting storyline that indulges the audience emotionally and intellectually, the web series gets as suspenseful as it can with every episode. The series traces the story of a cop hunting down a kidnapped girl that leads him to unravel a prostitution ring. He was given a timeline to find the girl and with each step in his journey that he wastes not finding the girl, he would be closer to his death.

Comprising a total of 12 episodes, the series is a must watch for every Tamil fan living all around the world. The series casts Prem Kumar in the lead role, Anjali Rao, Subhadra, Girija in prominent roles. This latest web series is now available on our YuppTV platform to watch from all over the world. Through the YuppTV App or the website, one can Binge-watch all the episodes of Alarm Web series right on their Smartphones, Laptops, Computers and other internet-enabled devices.