Friday, May 15, 2020

Best of Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam Pay-per-View Movies to Watch on YuppTV

Besides offering live television online, YuppTV is consistently bringing you the best of movies to watch on a pay-per-view basis. Providing movies like Mental Madhilo, etc., parallel with the theatre release, YuppTV has always been among the top providers of Indian content across the world. Since the world has been going through a crisis because of COVID-19, there has been a huge demand for Home Entertainment. Keeping that in mind, we brought you some of the movies that are difficult to find on the web through our Mini-Theatre section. Check them out.


Maya Devi

One of the best horror films of recent times, Maya Devi is a 2020 release directed by K M Chaitanya. Built on a novel plotline, the film depicts the story of two people with a ghost as their only common link. Narrating two different storylines parallelly, Maya Devi makes the viewer clutch the hand rests in suspense all the while being scary. If you are in a mood for a great Mystery Thriller Maya Devi is the perfect Film for the weekend.


Oru Njayarazcha

Directed by Award-Winning director Shayamaprasad, who had directed marvels like Hey Jude, Ivide, etc., Oru Njayarazcha is a Malayalam Drama released in 2019. The film features Murali Chand, Megha Thomas, Satheesh Kumar, etc., in the lead roles. Been on the receiving end of awards like Kerala State Film Award for Second Best Film, it has also earned the director an award for being the Best. This critically acclaimed film is now available on YuppTV to watch online.

Patham Classille Pranayam

Written and Directed by Nitheesh K Nair, Patham Classille Pranayam is one of the best high school Drama. The film features Kannan Santhosh, Charmila, Jayan Cherthala, etc., in prominent roles. Depicting the story of two rival high school boys in love with one girl, the film makes up for a decent evening watch.



Released in March 2020, Kayiry is an Award-winning Tamil Drama Film directed by I Ganesh. The film features S R Gunaa, Hello Kandasamy, and Kavya Madhavan in the lead roles. Screened at several International Film Festivals “Kayiru” depicts a simple love story with the message of Tamil cultural preservation and Animal Kindness at its heart. Besides being a feel-good film, “Kayiru” reminds people of Home and its Sweet Culture. Watch it over the weekend on YuppTV Mini Theatre.


Released in December 2019, Khyla is a Tamil language Horror Thriller featuring Dana Naidu, Basker, and Kausalya in the lead roles. The film is directed by Basker Sinouvassene who also plays the antagonist role in the film. Khyla depicts the story of a writer who suspects a series of accidents happening in front of a bungalow as murders and investigates them. Laced with enough suspense to put you on the edge of the seat, the film is perfect for a weekend watch.