Monday, March 8, 2021

Women’s Day Special movies that make you feel Empowered

Celebrating the achievements of women, on the whole, Women’s Day has gained a special celebratory status in the entire world. The day is celebrated as a tribute to women in all the developed as well as the underdeveloped countries of the world. the underlying message of the day is to make the women in our lives feel special and empowered. While one way to celebrate this auspicious day is by wishing the women among our friends and family, another way is to revisit our notions of what a woman is and what they can achieve.

And what better way exists to revisit ideas than watching a piece of art that iterates the story of women. Be it a biopic or fiction, movies with women as their leads are always known to offer a different perspective than the surrounding reality. They let us know that the place of a woman is not what men have defined over millennia, but it is what women choose. Such ideas that are not readily ingrained in our consciousness due to societal conditioning will only awaken through external simulation albeit in this case, a film.

Check out some of the best movies that make us think this way on YuppTV today.

Pink on Star Plus

Starring Tapsee Pannu, Amitabh Bachchan, and others, “Pink” is a great movie that emphasizes the “No means No” concept in the real world. Pink’s story revolves around three young women that face the scorn of society for no fault of theirs. The filmmakers made the movie in such a way that the progression of the story makes even the most remote non-thinkers think in a different perspective for a moment.

Uyare on Mazhavil Manorama

Uyare is an amazing movie that depicts the story of an aviation student that survives an acid attack. With her entire career on the line after the fiasco, the struggle that the woman goes through to get her career despite the devastating event forms the crux of the story. The way the film handles the sensitivity of the issue and the havoc that women go through to get back to normal let alone aspire for something it is sure to make a person change his perception.


Anushka starrer Arundhati showcases a powerful female character that lays down her life to protect her people. The film at its time of arrival was one of the very few films in Telugu that cast a strong female character but stood out as one of the biggest hits in the Telugu film industry. Arundhati is a powerful film that had served as an inspiration to the young women in the Telugu States.

Alongside being an inspiration through its story, also laid the foundation for female-centric films that were not so common in the Telugu language. Anushka’s powerful portrayal of the character of Jejamma in the film is a treat to the simple-minded but the emphasis of the intrinsically layered message that says abuse and rape is a punishable offense at all times cannot go unnoticed.

36 Vayadhinile

Starring Jyotika in the lead role, 36 Vayadhinile is one of the best female-centric films in Tamil. Depicting the journey of the rediscovery of a woman that suddenly finds herself free of any responsibilities at the age of 36, this film is as funny as it is inspiring. While taking us through a series of events that are laced with funny quirks, ambitions, and fear of failure, the film exposes the banality of regular life for women in their 30s and offers the inspiration that it is never too late to start.