Thursday, January 12, 2023

Watching pirated content is not cool but a crime and involves criminal prosecution.

 Do you know you are part of a crime and can be landed in jail if you watch pirated content? Subscribing to illegal streaming platforms and viewing pirated content is a punishable offence.

In a serious attempt to curb illegal streaming activities and bring awareness of its risks, the UK intellectual property protection organization FACT and UK police are visiting homes across the UK, serving notices to individuals to cease illegal streaming activities with immediate effect and informing users of the associated risks, which include criminal prosecution. This week alone, the West Mercia Police in the UK midlands steered raids and identified over 1000 individuals watching pirated content on unauthorized streaming platforms via modified boxes, firesticks, and subscriptions. Anyone found watching pirated content or accessing unlawful streaming platforms can be sentenced to a few years in prison. In 2021, two people were penalized to 16 months in jail for watching pirated content.

The Police have reminded customers that watching illegal streaming is treated as a serious offense by the courts and is subjected to criminal prosecution. Most of these unauthorized streaming players fund illicit dark activities and those who use/subscribe to them are victims of major scams. Customer’s personal and financial information is misused and involved in unlawful activities. Police also advised users that sensitive information is extracted through viruses and malware and that strict action is taken against those who knowingly commit or encourage online copyright infringement.

So next time you think of watching pirated content or subscribing to fraudulent streaming services, please be aware that you can be subjected to criminal prosecution and jail.

You can refer to below Website URL for more information regarding the Police crackdown on Piracy.