Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Whether you're in the mood for an action-packed thriller, family comedy-drama, or suspense thriller, YuppTV has got you covered. The platform regularly adds a wide variety of vibrant content across genres to meet the diverse viewing needs of users. Here is a recommendation you should not miss watching. 

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story on SonyLIV 

Known for bringing compelling movies and shows that exceed the conventional boundaries of storytelling, SonyLIV regularly adds new films and shows to its massive content library. The recent addition is the remaining five episodes of the popular Scam 2003: The Telgi Story. The first five episodes of Scam 2003, which came in September, got us hooked for its grippy and compelling narrative. After two months of bringing the first part, SonyLIV released the remaining five episodes. While the first part of the show deals with the struggles, vulnerabilities, and rise of Telgi, the second part centers around the challenges and his fall. The story is enthralling and focuses on the infamous and real-life financial scandal that shook India. 

'Scam 2003: The Telgi Story' is the second installment of the Scam series, followed by Scam 1992. Scam 2003 was one of the most anticipated web series and an ingenious show centered on India's most infamous financial scandals. It is based on the book 'Telgi Scam: Reporter ki Diary' by journalist Sanjay Singh and unfolds the captivating tale of Abdul Telgi, who orchestrated the stamp paper scam in the early 2000s. It remains one of the most infamous scandals in Indian history. By presenting a complex story in an easy-to-understand manner, Scam 2003 has all elements of drama, suspense, and thrill in equal ratios. 

Raththam on Sun NXT

Starring Vijay Antony in the lead role, Raththam is a riveting Tamil thriller that narrates a compelling contemporary issue - hate crime. It gives us profound and intriguing insights into how the digital world impacts society. A personal tragedy keeps Ranjith, an investigative journalist, from leaving his job and surrendering to alcohol. While he lives in guilt and pain, a series of events force him to be back in action. As he investigates the case further, more chilling secrets are revealed. 

Written and directed by C.S. Amudhan, the film stumbles upon two critical aspects - press freedom and hate crimes. It will send chills when you realize how information on the internet is manipulated and covered up to incite hate. 

Watch this socially relevant film on Sun NXT through YuppTV.

Month of Madhu on Aha Telugu 

Month of Madhu on aha Telugu is a heartwarming film focusing on human emotions, relationships, trust, and betrayal. Starring Swathi Reddy and Naveen Chandra in pivotal roles, this is a well-written and even more well-made film. The story unravels the lives of a 19-year-old NRI Madhumathi (Shreya Navile), Madhusudhan Rao (Naveen Chandra), a 42-year-old man 

addicted to alcohol and Lekha (Swathi Reddy), Madhusudhan's wife. Madhumati experiences many life-changing moments when she decides to spend a month in India and encounters different people. 

Aha Tamil 

Watch 'Are You ok baby', 'Paramporul', and 'Thamizh Kudimagan' on aha Tamil. The platform brings a variety of content to suit any mood and taste. The latest offerings from the platform will satisfy your streaming needs. You are sure to find a film or show that perfectly suits your mood right now from an extensive range of content to pick from. 

Are You OK Baby is a legal drama that deals with the pros and cons of child adoption in India. Balachandhran and Vidhya adopt a girl child. A sudden call from a TV host who tells them that they must return their adopted child to her biological mother creates havoc in their lives. It gets intense when the media, child welfare committee, and the CID interfere. What happens in the end keeps you engrossed. 

Paramporul narrates the story of a young man who joins hands with a corrupt police officer in an illegal idol trade and enters the crime world. While he does it to save his sister, there is always a backup plan. Sarath Kumar and Aadhi in corrupt cop and petty thief roles have done a fabulous job. This clever crime thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat with its screenplay.

Tamil Kudimagan revolves around caste discrimination and the atrocities in the name of caste. Chinnasamy comes from the oppressed caste and takes on a system that is often hypocritical and toxic. The hate and plight underneath caste is the crux of the story. 

These films pique your interest, raise your adrenaline, and make you laugh and cry. Discover your favorite film or a binge-worthy show now. Get access to these OTTs and over 300 TV channels on YuppTV and experience endless excitement in your comfort. Press play and relax.