Monday, February 12, 2024

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Are you feeling bored and don't know what to do? YuppTV is an excellent source of entertainment for those seeking endless excitement. The platform offers a wide range of content that will keep you engaged throughout the day. Here are two latest films you should add to your watchlist to begin your binge-watching session.


It's a rare feat when a debutant actor displays a stunning performance and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Roshan Kanakala, son of the renowned Telugu anchor Suma Kanakala and actor Rajeev Kanakala, is one such actor who achieved this feat with his impeccable performance in Bubblegum. The youthful romantic drama tells the tale of a young couple's journey through the dark and light of their relationship. Is love enough to bridge the gap? Is it sweet at first, sticky, and hard to forget at the end, like Bubblegum? Watch aha on YuppTV to experience endless 100% Telugu entertainment. 

Adhi is a humble young man who is passionate about music and dreams of becoming a successful DJ. One day, he meets Jahnavi, an affluent young woman, and they fall in love. However, their relationship takes a turn when an incident causes Jahnavi to humiliate Adhi publicly. The movie then explores the aftermath of this incident and leaves us wondering if Adhi and Jahnavi will be able to overcome their differences and reconcile or if they will have to part ways. 

Ravikanth Perepu expertly directs Bubblegum, a captivating movie featuring the talented Maanasa Chowdary and Harsha Chemudu. The film portrays the story of young urban love that dares to overcome class differences, aspirations, and insecurities. 


If you are a horror genre fan, Pindam is a must-watch. Set in the early 90s, this film is based on real-life events that will give you all the thrills and chills. 

The narrative revolves around Antony, a professional accountant employed at a rice mill who decides to relocate his family to a second-hand house in Surlapet. However, as soon as they enter their new home, a series of mysterious and disturbing occurrences unfold. After realizing that the house is haunted, they seek the assistance of the demonologist Annamma. The plot thickens with the introduction of the enigmatic investigator Lokanath, adding a layer of curiosity to the unfolding events.

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