Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Watch Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Live on YuppTV

India, the largest democratic country in the world, is currently experiencing scorching heat and intense election campaigns. The Election Commission of India conducted the General elections and a few Assembly elections from April 19 to June 1 in seven phases. Three days later, on June 4, results will be declared. By the end of three stages, elections were conducted for 285 out of 543 constituencies across several states. The third phase saw elections for 94 constituencies in 12 states and a union territory. Although the initial phases witnessed a significant turnout of voters, the voting percentage declined in the last phase. All political parties, along with the Election Commission of India, urge people to cast their vote and exercise their fundamental duty. Get all the election updates on popular news channels through YuppTV. 

So far, almost 20 states and a union territory have completed voting in three stages. Voters in Tamilnadu, Bihar, Maharashtra, North East States, and parts of UP, Rajasthan, and MP have voted until now. Uttar Pradesh voters will continue to vote in all seven phases. Both the Telugu states will go to vote on May 13. The war is primarily between the NDA, comprising the ruling BJP and INDIA, with Congress and its allies. While the BJP aims at 400 seats, with Narendra Modi as PM for the third time in a row, INDIA anticipates a change in the government. 

Popular news channels like NDTV India, Republic Bharat, DD India, and Republic TV have started covering elections ever since the dates were announced. These news channels acted as a catalyst between people and parties by conducting debates and discussions. For all the latest information on the Lok Sabha election schedule, polling dates, exit polls, opinion polls, and more live news, check out these channels live and get all the complete updates. Watch these channels on YuppTV for on-ground reports, detailed analysis, the mood of the nation, and more.