Friday, October 16, 2015

Watch and Enjoy Indian TV channels on your Android phone!

Making a living out of India can be fun and interesting but most of the non-residents miss that unique flavour of this country that makes India truly different form the rest of the world. The culture, food and fashion are just a few of the many things that the non-residents miss out while living outside the country. But there is nothing to worry. With the technological advancement now all you need to do is download one app on your smartphone and you can get to watch all the Indian TV channels live anytime and anywhere.

YuppTV app has revolutionized the system of watching TV and no you do not need to pay hefty bucks every month to get those Indian channels. But you can download this live TV app and start enjoying the Indian soaps, serials, news and movies right on your mobile phone. If you already have a YuppTV package for your computer then you know the channels you are going to get. With YuppTV android app you make it even versatile and mobile. This app works best with an android phone. So if you have an android phone, all you would do is go to the Google Playstore and download the app. There are around 200 channels and you can even watch your regional based channels on this app.

This android app is just not a mere TV app but it has the most popular Indian channels selected among all the categories like, music, daily soaps, movies, news, sports, entertainment and kids. You can try out the PC package which is very popular among Indians who likes to watch the Indian soaps and serials while they are outside the country. SO now that you have the YuppTV app on your phone, there is no chance you can miss India while you are residing abroad.