Friday, September 23, 2016

Bichagadu – Winner all the Way! Stream it on YuppFlix!

Bichagadu Telugu Movie has been performed tremendously well at the box office since day 1. Bichagadu is a tamil action film which released on 13th May, 2016. This awesome film has been directed by Sasi. Vijay Antony starred in the main role. Bichagadu is also known as Pichaikkaran, which released some days earlier before the Telugu Bichagadu released.
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Vijay Antony (Arun) is a business man who lives in Tirupur district. Her mother is the one who has been the inspiration behind his business growth and wealth. But Arun has enemy inside of his home. Avinashi is his brother in law and a cruel person, who is highly obsessed to make plan of how to capture Arun's all properties. But the main twist of this movie is something different. This is not just a typical movie that shows rivalry, fight and conspiracy between hero and villain. 

Arun's mother committed a fatal accident in the industry area and went to coma. Arun went totally mad to save her mother but none of the treatment can save her. So he finally got to meet a spiritual leader who told him that he can recover his mother. But that spiritual leader gave Arun a condition that he have to lead a begger's life for next 48 days. And that's how the story started.

This movie has been so popular around the world. As per the critics and audience review, this movie has a great lesson that every human being should evolve. The lesson from the Bichagadu Movie has caught everyone's attention. Now, you can also watch this movie online. For the people who live outside of India can Watch Bichagadu on YuppFlix. NRI's can simply watch this movie by clicking the Free Trial at