Friday, December 14, 2018

Did You Watch This Versatile Comic Web Series “What’s up Velakkari” on YuppTV?

Adding to the streak of successful web series’, “What’s Up Velakkari” is another light-hearted Tamil web series starring Dhanya Balakrishna, Rakendu Mouli and Abirami Iyer in the lead roles. The series is based on a distinct theme is the work of Preethi Srivijayan, Manu Anand and Praveen K. The web series which YuppTV proudly presents is now available in YuppTV’s TV Show sector YuppFlix.

The story for this web series has been written by Durgesh Haridas and Suriya Narayan. It portrays Dhanya Balakrishna in the role of a maid, a role very different from the traditional maids in the sense that she is young, ultra modern and communicates with her peers and her employers on Whatsapp.

Rakendu Mouli, the male lead of the series who lives in a house alone, while his parents live overseas. Mouli is shy and says he is not ready for marriage whenever his parents compelled him to marry. Amid many doubts, he finally agrees to meet a girl (Abirami Iyer), falls in love with her and marries her.

The story also involves another hilarious character who lives next door and Dhanya Balakrishna’s boyfriend who is a police officer. The comic situations between these characters that unravel as the story movies forward finally leading to a shocking revelation, in the end, forms the rest of the series.

What’s Up Velakkari” will soon be available on YuppTV platform for the international audience along with the recently released Tamil web series Alarm and Telugu series B. Tech. These two highly successful web series which are loved by the audience are now available on YuppTV and are streaming on YuppTV’s movie streaming channels KBO and TBO from time to time.