Wednesday, April 29, 2020

YuppTV Launches its Unique “Catchup Movies” Section enabling Users to Catch The Best Movies in One Place

YuppTV’s most appreciated Catchup feature has received an update where all the movies from the available channels can be viewed in one place. The most awaited update now lets the users select from a plethora of movies instead of browsing date-wise through all the TV shows like earlier. This section that had already gained the appreciation of our valuable audience is by far the best features of YuppTV.

Catchup section, as it was earlier, archived all the programs including movies and TV shows of a channel for 7-10 days according to the date. To find a certain film or television show that was aired in the previous week, the audience had to sift through the channels and reach the date and then sift through all the programs that were aired on that day to watch the desired film. The catchup of channels was separate for each and was slightly hard to access if the user did not know the name of the film, the date, or the channel in which it was aired.

The present section separates all the movies that were aired in the previous week making it easier for the audience to find the movie even without the knowledge of the date or the channel. Even if the user is not looking for any film, in particular, he can just browse through the hundreds of movies on all available channels and select them to watch. The section is doubly beneficial for the multilingual audience since it allows us to browse through the movies aired on both language channels.

Regardless of the date of release, at any given time, the catchup movies section holds the movies from all the top and the second-tier channels thereby giving the users a chance to select from a vast collection. Be it the latest blockbuster that was aired on the occasion of a festival or a national holiday or a classic film that was aired on a regional channel, catchup section holds them all.

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