Tuesday, November 17, 2015

YuppTV Prays for Paris

YuppTV conveys support and expresses its condolences to victims and family members of those affected by the Paris attacks. We strongly condemn the activities of terror groups such as ISIS. We believe that the objectives of such heinous terror groups will never prevail over those of France and all other peace loving countries which have pledged their support in fighting such terror groups.
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Terrorism is an inherent cowardly activity whose main objective is to instill fear and anger among the citizenry. We know France, just like many other peace loving countries, will never give in into the objectives of such terror groups. Instead, the country through its citizenry will continue to exercise its value of a democratic society that promotes freedom of expression and equal opportunities for all its citizens. 

Being one of the countries which strongly values its democratic ideals, India is one of the countries that plays a pivotal role in fighting global terrorism whose main mandate is to undermine the democratic milestones that have been achieved by France and other such established democracies.
We express our unequivocal support the peace for Paris initiative which is indeed an effective initiative meant to unite the country and other like-minded countries and individuals in condemning the attacks that took place in the city of Paris.

This initiative will indeed go a long way in highlighting the need for countries to unite and join forces in defeating these terror groups. This initiative will also play a significant role in celebrating peace and democracy not just in France but all over the world, since it is such peace and democratic ideals that constitute the cornerstone of any successful society.