Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Thinking of Watching a New Series- Zee TV’s “Yeh Teri Galliyan” might be a good watch

Zee TV serial that is going on air from 25th of July 2018, Yeh Teri Galliyan brings forth a fantastic love story to the stage. Starring Manish Goplani and Vrushika Mehta the serial is the story of two estranged friends who are forcefully separated in their childhood and meet with countless hurdles in the process of their reconciliation too.

The story as revealed by the Zee team on various occasions is that two friends from being raised in Kolkata’s red-light district are separated in their childhood. The boy is raised away from there and studies abroad and the girl is brought up in the same area who becomes a dance teacher at an NGO. Will they ever be able to meet in their adulthood? If so, what will be the societal pressures that arise due to their background?

The serial though runs around the dramatic incidents with commercial elements in it, hopes to deliver a strong social message about sex workers. Yeh Teri Galliyan is packed with diverse elements like Childhood Friendships, love, separation, self-respect, betrayals, social stigmas and much more. Predicted to offer entertainment along with a strong social message the serial is on the wish list of many audiences who are following Zee TV.

The producer of the show speaking about Yeh Teri Galliyan says that the point the show wishes to make is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from what counts is where you’re headed. He also said that the world the serial is set in hasn’t been attempted on television so far and expressed his faith in the show that it will strike a chord with the audience.

The show is commencing from July 25th, 2018 @ 7 PM IST replacing the show Woh Apna Sa. It is supposed to run from Monday to Friday every week. Yeh Teri Galliyan is available to watch on YuppTV from all over the world on all the internet enabled devices.