Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Bramayugam - Terrific and Terrifying Masterpiece on SonyLIV - Subscribe Now to YuppTV

SonyLIV brings another fascinating story with a grippy narrative that will captivate audiences. Malayalam Megastar Mamootty's Bramayugam is a perfect mix of suspense, drama, and folklore that instills fear. Although Bramayugam is a horror thriller that caters to a specific section of viewers, it immerses everyone in experiencing the magic of cinema. With its brilliant screenplay, stunning visuals, and powerful performances, Bramayugam on SonyLIV offers you an unforgettable cinematic experience.  

In the backdrop of the Malabar and the Portuguese slave trade in the 17th Century, Bramayugam is a brilliantly made dark and disturbing film. The story follows two friends, Thevan and Koran, fleeing the slave trade. A yakshi kills Koran while crossing a river, and Thevan enters Kudumon Potti's mansion to save his life. The rest of the story happens in the mansion that haunts you and keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

Mammootty is terrific in his role and flawless in portraying it. The versatile Malayalam actor has been pushing boundaries and choosing diverse characters recently. One would give him a hundred marks for his selection of movies and stellar performances. His cinematic journey in the last few years has been profound and enthralling his fans. Besides Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan and Siddharth Bharatan are fantastic in their roles. They justified their characters with conviction in the craft.

Rahul Sadasivan's story, screenplay, and direction deserve applause. By mixing horror with myth, he created an intricate world that leaves a lasting scary impression. He cleverly used this genre to touch upon a few social issues that needed to be discussed. Christo Xavier's background score, Shehnad Jalal's astonishing cinematography work, and Jayadev's irresistible sound design are top-notch. 

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